Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is used for?

Emaildrop is a free disposable email provider. Ever wanted to sign up to a website without providing your real email address or just wanted to make a one-off purchase? Then Emaildrop serves as a great way to generate email addresses without passwords that you can then provide to anybody that you don't trust. That way you're protected from spam and if a website that you use ever get's hacked and their users email addresses are exposed, it won't ever matter for you.

2) How long do emails live on the server before being deleted

Every email has a time to live (TTL) of one hour. No email can be recovered after it's TTL expires since we don't keep backups longer than one hour.

Emails that are deleted by the user will be deleted immediated from our servers regardless of whether the TTL has passed or not.

3) Does Emaildrop's inbox update live?

Yep, so there's no need to keep hitting the refresh button :).

4) Do I need to generate an email address first before sharing it?

Nope. You give any email address you like to a website that you don't trust and then head over to, click custom and then enter the username you provided to the website and any emails sent to that email address should be there. There's no such thing as "activating" a email address since they're all already activated and ready to use!

5) Can I make my email address private?

Nope. Every email address is public and accessable to anybody as long as they change their username to a particular email address. It was designed that way to make Emaildrop as simple as possible and to ensure users only use it as a disposable email service. Ofcouse, if use a with an extremely long/unique username it's highly unlikely that anybody else will ever think of it :). That's way users that visit the website for the first time are issued email addresses with their username's being a bunch of random letters and numbers.

6) Do you have an API?

Yep, we have a GraphQL API that is completely free and public. Head over to our API page to find out more.

7) Can I send emails using email addresses?

Nope and we have no plans to support such a feature due to fraud issues.

8) How do I extend the TTL for my emails?

Such a feature does not exist yet.

9) Can I recieve emails with attachments

Yep, every kind of email will land in your inbox regardless of whether it contains attachments or not. As a result, you need to be careful when opening attachments from untrustworthy sources. All attachments can be downloaded by the user as long as the download started before the email's TTL expires.