What is Emaildrop?

Emaildrop is a free disposable email provider. Users can generate email addresses using this website or alternatively use our public GraphQL API. Disposable email addresses are a great way to protect yourself from abuse and spam. You'll be automatically generated a random email address when you arrive on the site for the first time. You can also use a custom username if you like. What's great about Emaildrop is that you won't need to continiously refresh your inbox since it will update in real-time as soon as new emails associated with you account hit our servers.

You can give your Emaildrop.io address to any website or service you don't trust. You can then view emails inside your inbox, where you can also delete them. Every email has a time to live (TTL) of one hour. No email can be recovered after it's TTL expires.

None of Emaildrop's email addresses are protected by a password so every address is public and can be used by anybody.
If you know the token of an email, you can view or share the email via the url `https://emaildrop.io/email/?token={token}`.

Emaildrop's GraphQL API

Emaildrop offers a free and public GraphQL API targetted towards developers that may need to create disposable email addresses programatically. Developers can perform queries to get all emails associated with a particular username or retreive a particular email. Developers can also perform mutations to delete a particular email as well as subscribe to a particular username to recieve all incoming emails in real-time!